Three things to keep in mind when delivering seafood in foam refrigerators nationwide

Delivering fast-paced seafood throughout the states and long distances requires the right tools for the job; otherwise, your sensitive load is likely to lose its overall temperature and break. To prevent this disaster from happening, thousands of companies choose refrigerators to deliver foam (not Styrofoam) made from an effective insulating material known as expanded polystyrene (or "EPS foam").

EPS foam dispatchers serve as a fantastic shipping medium for temperature sensitive products, as they are lightweight and thermodynamically reliable, high quality dispensers for cold storage can keep items cold on days if properly packed.

Furthermore, the material is generally inexpensive and can be economically recycled; also, EPS foam containers used in overseas seafood can be reused and refitted, lasting for years if production quality is high enough. Depending on the amount and type of food being shipped, the efficiency of the EPS foam box is enhanced by the use of special packages of freeze and reuse heat gel or dry ice blocks cut to stand without being too bulky. .

Let's say you just enjoyed a fine day of charter fishing in the Florida Panhandle or decided to get lobster to choose from while touring around Maine and want those time-sensitive, perishable foods to be brought to California so friends can enjoy them. After purchasing a solid, reliable shipping cooler), here are three important things to keep in mind …

Thickness, density and quality

Only choose a supplier of EPS foam at least one and a half inches thick and "FULLY FUSED" – that is, the expanded polystyrene material has been properly shaped so that it is not only strong but leak-proof. You do not want a shipping container with foam that sweats or allows the liquid to penetrate through the empty pores that result from a rapid manufacturing process. You might pay a little more, but just think how pleased you will be when the seafood package arrives intact and still fresh. Because the tank is of better quality, it will be reusable for delivery or used as a regular foam cooler that could last you well for years.


Don't be cheap when it comes to speeding up packages. You cannot say what kind of "interesting" conditions you will encounter your cargo while sailing, so the less time in transit, the better. No matter how effective the thermal insulation quality of the foam box is, the freshness of your catch or purchase depends largely on how fast you can take it to your destination, so that it can be properly cooled or cooked when the container is opened. Seafood is very perishable very quickly and there is no need to increase the risk of spoilage, pollution or abuse by the people handling the packaging.


When you have to close a container of fresh seafood over greater distances, you will make sure that the things you choose to keep cool are the right choice and in the right amount. Check with the shipping company before sending it. Dry ice is great at keeping things cool or even frozen, but not so much live seafood, for example, when you want to ship live lobsters. For this you want to get frozen gel coolants (gel packs). They replace wet ice (frozen water) because plain ice is not such a great option because of its weight, not to mention that it requires extra water resistant packaging. Of course, you want to make sure you pack the tank well so that you don't get to a stack of empty air that must also cool down. Many people use wrinkled newspapers or other light, cheap "stuffing".

For best results in shipping and purchasing personal seafood over long distances, use EPS refrigerators to deliver the foam to get the job done, combined with gel packs or dry ice, depending on the type of seafood you supply. When properly packaged in high quality pots and fast delivery, your seafood needs to arrive at their destination still fresh and ready to cook for enjoyment.

How To Lose Your Shirt In Investing In Execution

Last year was a record year for bankruptcies. Delinquent mortgage payments, according to the American Association of Banking Mortgages, are revealing an upcoming wave of foreclosures on the horizon.

Now is the opportunity for investors to step in and take advantage of these properties that are about to hit the market. However, despite all the hyperbole, investors can lose money in real estate – a lot of money. If there is a hole in your bank account and you are looking for positive cash flow and possible high returns on investment, be sure to avoid these pitfalls in the investor field for enforcement.

Paying too much for foreclosure. Many VA and HUD buyout buyers find themselves caught up in the thrill of bidding on real estate and watching without even knowing it, their alleged cash cow is dying right in front of them. I have personally seen happy investors bid for a property in Malibu Bay, Pembroke Pines, Florida, for up to $ 158,250. I met with them the next day and asked them why they simply overpaid their assets with a market value of $ 150,000 to $ 152,000. By the way, the neighbor was on the market for $ 154,900. If you have to earn 20% or 25%, make money on your purchases, then stop bidding when the price falls below that amount.

Simply put, if you are bidding on a $ 150,000 property and intend to sell it for a 20 percent gain, stop bidding when the price exceeds $ 120,000. In the hot market, even foreclosures will be sold at the market price, but then the new owner must move in and most likely repair the abandoned property that was neglected by the former owners. (Usually, when an owner moves to foreclosure, repairing an airtight roof or basement is the last thing that comes to his mind, which is to leave it up to the bank to fix it.)

Getting a home without a clear title. As I am not a lawyer, I did not go deep into this issue, but rest assured that you can get a clear title to the property before investing your $ 10,000 deposit into the business. Order a lawyer title search to find out if you have a problem with your property title. If you can't get the ownership right, you can't sell the property.

Negative or unprofitable cash flows. The whole idea behind foreclosure is to buy low enough so that the rent check will cover the investor’s mortgage, taxes, insurance and fees each month and then leave the investor with some earnings at the end of the month. If the property is not in pristine condition and all systems will last without repair – without years, you are in financial trouble if the air conditioner breaks down or the cooler attacks the compressor.

The monthly cash flow should contain enough to fund any breakdowns or repairs while the tenant lives in the apartment. Negative cash flows are not deductible expenses.

Not taking care of the small problems before they become big problems.

Don't go cheap for being a landlord. The house begins to collapse from the day the builder finishes construction. Your new investment property generates cash flow – take care of it. Have it painted regularly, clean carpets and floors between tenants, repair broken windows, repair leaks immediately, replace decayed wood, etc. If you let the property collapse until you can no longer rent it, you will no longer rent for too long waiting for these items to be repaired. Plus, fixing it early will save you money if you wait, and your account doubles or even triples.

Unless you are educated on the tax benefits of owning investment real estate. If you are planning to invest in a rental property, talk to experts in the field who know how to maximize your financial benefits from this new form of investment. Accountants, attorneys, and real estate practitioners value their fees because they help you avoid traps, maximize profits, and prevent problems.

What they dream of – An overview of Dreams Los Cabos Suites and Golf Resorts

I'm standing in the middle of a roar

From the surfed coast,

And I hold it in my hand

A grain of golden sand …

Is everything we see or do,

But dream in dream?

– From "Sleep in a Dream" by Edgar Allen Poe

The waves fall on the beach just a step away from the comfort of the shady net
it wraps me around like a cocoon. A cold drink pops up next to me. I put my foot inside
sand as it swung side to side and watched the endless ocean ahead
me. The drink cools me inside and out and I wonder… am I awake or am I
daydream? If I dream, no one will wake me up.

Dreams Los Cabos Suites Golf Resort & Spa is an easy place to get
very difficult to leave. Located midway between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San
Lucas, this seaside resort is just as beautiful as the country that surrounds it. From
the time you arrive and notice your name posted on a billboard nearby
bellman kiosk, you just know this is going to be something special. Once greeted
from the concierge who quickly checks your bags, you are led to a reception desk with both
warm smiles and cold champagne flow freely. A few minutes later, you went out
arched corridors to your room overlooking the ocean, a glass with champagne in your hand. If you like
me, the first thing you do is walk to the balcony to see what you can see. I loved it
what I saw … except the beach and the clear, blue water.

The architecture blends with the outdoor hacienda and colonial Mexican designs in a
gold coastal gem. Treated columns line marble floor corridors, water landscapes
and the lush landscape, rich forest and unique artwork create elegance
atmosphere. Everywhere you look, there are arches. From the impressive entrance to the
front desk, these arches catch the eye and draw attention to the fountains, palm
trees and gas fires at night that illuminate numerous levels of resorts with their lamps
dancing flames. Multicolored lighting bathed the foundations in warm and exotic hues
deepening the beauty that is Dreams Los Cabos. Feeling is one of grace and
refinement, but without any pretentiousness.

Dreams Los Cabos has 308 ocean view suites. The decor is bright and
undervalued with top-class furniture and top-notch amenities such as uniforms and
slippers, a welcome fruit basket and more champagne on ice, an impressive feat
We were a few hours late, but the ice was just beginning to melt. The first impression is
that the management is focused on pampering their guests and they have it
brought together well-trained and courteous staff to accomplish the task.

The apartments range from juniors offering one king or two double beds, a seating area with
a sofa and coffee table and a writing desk with large data inputs for those who are
you need to be in touch or check business issues. The next level is the resort
Luxury suites with all the conveniences of the Junior Suite, but with a separate living room
room with dining room. Continue up the ladder and you will find Honeymoon Suites,
Governor Suites, Corner Suites, two bedroom Master Suites and crème de la
crème – Presidential suites with two or three bedrooms, courtyard entrances and ace
even three terraces. All rooms have ocean views.

Dreams Los Cabos is an all-inclusive resort, an ever-growing segment of Cabo
a place to rest, and it includes everything in a big way. Unlike most others
all-inclusive resorts, the all-inclusive concept is also transmitted to the room here
bar. Never come in miniature mini bottles or cheap, independent brands
rooms. If you are looking for an afternoon pick-up or a drink before dinner, you
you do not have to go out of your room because both the alcohol and the mixers are full-sized top shelves
and part of the package. Staff members complement both the bar and room
refrigerator daily and early. Normal equipment can also be found in the room
including coffee maker, iron and ironing board, plus a plethora of luxury toiletries
marble and tile bathrooms.

There is no shortage of choices when it comes time to satisfy your appetite. With five
on-site restaurants, waiting at the table or restricting to a limited menu are not
a problem you will have to face in Dreams. For the morning price, order from room service or
visit El Patio or the Coast Grill, which opens at 7:00 p.m. For your lunch
The election grows when Oceana joins El Patio and a seafood barbecue
extended until 3:00 pm in El Patio, 4:00 pm in Oceana and 5:00 pm in the yard
Primorsko. Go ahead, work on your tan a little more, and dreams have what you need
whenever you are ready. Dinner means even more options than serving Himitsu
Pazian cuisine and Portofino, serving Italian specialties, join the mix with all five
a meal that serves dinner by 10pm or 11pm. Looking for a little romance?
The staff will arrange a sand dinner with Tiki torches and candles. Not yet
enough options for you? Twenty-four hours of room service is only a phone call away.

In addition to the wide variety of tickets made by Dreams staff, the theme
entertainment, live music at night and an outdoor movie screen add to the mix. If you're old
enough to remember the good old days when they were part of drive-in movies
American culture, it will be a real treat for you. Lean in a padded deck chair,
order a cocktail and enjoy a good movie while under the stars. Just know that it is
it's not always easy to keep your eyes on the screen when what's around you
as beautiful as the night sky in Los Cabos.

With the start of the football season, Monday nights may never be the same. tailgate
parties are part of the program and ones that want a good old-fashioned tailgate
food can immerse your teeth in nachos, burgers, hot dogs and all things football.
If the Philadelphia Eagles are playing, look for Philly cheese steaks, that is
Chicago Bears, grab a slice of Chicago-style pizza. It's almost like they invented it
play here. The surround sound system makes you feel the game, not just watching it
and there's nothing like a cheerful and loose crowd that makes the game all the more fun
should be.

Recreational activities are a big part of why Cabo has become a lively tourist
It's soft. On site, the resort has a number of things to do to pass the time
including bungee jumpers, aerobics classes, a full gym and fitness center, and a host
playgrounds that play rooms from tennis to volleyball and croquet. Off-site
activities can be organized by helpful front desk staff and include hiking and
mountain biking, golf, ATV tours and sightseeing. For those with more aquatic species
nature, try sport fishing, dive in the Cortez Sea, or relax
to the sea on your personal boat just to name a few.

Kids have not been forgotten in their dreams with the Explorer Club for Children. Entirely
the supervised program is designed to entertain and enlighten younger audiences.
Activities are changing every day and are not only fun but also educational. The kids are exploring
worlds of science and nature and are encouraged to participate in such events as
weekly camp tents at the club. Parents can rest easy knowing it's theirs
the kids are safe and secure – the resort even offers checkers so they can get in
contact with the parent is quick and easy when needed.

For many, the desired recreation is simply the pleasure of sunbathing at the pool
and this group will not be disappointed. Dreams Los Cabos three perfect pictures
The pools, two with spinning bars, are sun worshipers' paradise. The pool service is very
the attentive and lush gardens that surround them are just spectacular. If he gets a
a little hot, grab a swimming pool.

After a long day of sunbathing, golfing or fishing, nothing rebuilds in a little while
Spa. From facials to massages to Salt Glow therapy, Spa at Dreams is ready,
willing and able to pamper even the most discriminated traveler. If tanning
they have worn you out and you can't leave your room, it's okay, I'll come to you.

As a member of Preferred Hotels & Resorts Dreams, Los Cabos sets a high standard
and does not fail to fulfill it, in fact it exceeded my expectations and it is not
a small undertaking. Wonderful architecture, excellent staff, well decorated rooms
and attention to detail make this a dream place, just not the one I want to wake up to


Junior Suite with Ocean View starts at around $ 149.00 per person – All Inclusive

For current rates, visit the Dreams Los Cabos Resort website at []

The truth about vinyl fencing

Go through any residential area these days and you will notice a plethora of attractive vinyl fences. In fact, vinyl is currently the best-selling fencing material in the United States. In this article, we will briefly look at the growing popularity of vinyl fencing and the reasons for its rise.

First of all, it is more flexible and stronger than wood. Research shows that vinyl is five times stronger and four times more flexible than wooden fences. It's so perfect for any type of fence that traditionally consists of wood, including privacy, a swimming pool and obstacles for animals.

Second, it's pretty free maintenance. These types of enclosures consist of one color and will never require painting or painting. Worried about scratches and scratches? Impossible with vinyl. There is no rotting as with wood and the only cleaning required is a periodic hose with soap and water.

Third, it's just a much better investment. Although startup costs may be slightly higher than timber, the resulting long-term savings do not keep this purchase in mind. There will be no repairs to harmful termites, there will be no annual cost of bleaching, there will be no replacement pieces or cleaning fees. Make a one-time investment and watch the value of the home grow. In addition, most companies will provide a lifetime warranty by purchasing a vinyl fence.

Fourth, it looks scary. Take a walk through any neighborhood and you will see houses with vinyl fences and houses with wooden ones. The wooden fences look great for a few months, and then they start to fall apart, crack and fade. Vinyl fences, on the other hand, look magnificent and remain so forever. Setting up a fence of this type has proven to dramatically increase the value of a home.

However, it is important to understand that not all vinyl is the same. With the boon came thin, inexpensive vinyl railings, which should be avoided at all costs. Don't save big investments like this! Invest in higher end materials, sit back and watch your fence last a lifetime.

If you are in the market for a new fence, it would be wise to consider vinyl. Get quotes from several dealers and inquire about the lifetime guarantees and quality of the fence. Take a look at online reviews and physically check your previous business. Vinyl fences are fast becoming the most popular choice among consumers. Invest in one today.

$ 50 Solar Power – Really, Build!

You may not believe it, but it's true. I made this myself a few years ago, and you can do it today for less than $ 50. First, I say this is a solar heater that creates warm air, not electric. Building it is very simple, and the average Joe with a basic homeowner & # 39; tools can easily put it together. When standing next to a well insulated window in the dead of winter with sunshine, you can feel the warmth of the sun. Well, that's the main one and that's where you can design the board.

The basic materials are:

– 1 Sheet 1 "x 4 & # 39; x 8 & Celeotex Thermax TF-610
– 1/2 Sheet + 3/4 "x 4" x 8 "Celotex Thermax TF-610
– liquid nail glue with 1 tube
– 1/2 pipe silicone seal
– 16 Sheet Rock bolts
– 1 Plexiglass for panel placement
– 1 all metal aluminum strip
– 1 Can high temp be black
– Sorted wood, pile debris

You can change this list based on your design. I used the covers to create the frame, and instead of Celeotex Styrofoam. I always think cheap but useful. One of the limiting factors is the size of your window. If you have a skinny small window, your panel can't be too big than the opening. That was a problem I had at my location, my opening was only 19 "but I managed to make it 80" long.

The panel is constructed with two chambers, one at the top, with glass and colored metal sheet, and one below and drawn out of the room into the cold air. There is a 4-6 "cold air vent at the bottom of the hob that can pass through the heated hob and be heated.

The tiny slab, only 1520 square inches or 10.5 square feet, managed to heat 3 bedrooms and a bathroom! So despite its small size, it was certainly powerful. You may be wondering about my location and thoughts, certainly in Florida or Arizona! No, m is located in a cool, gray northeast, southern New England, a small place known as Rhode Island.

Some Building Tips; You must keep the panel out of the ground, insects, rodents and moisture. Also calculate your correct angle for your latitude. Here's some help with that. The winter season has the least sun, so you want to make the most of it. To calculate the best slope angle in winter, take the width of the earth, multiply by 0.9, and add 29 degrees. The result is the angle from the horizontal at which the board should tilt.

The best place to reach latitude is Google Earth, it appears at the bottom of the window, followed by N. One change that made a big difference was the addition of an old fan into a squirrel cage and a thermostatic switch. The fan was free and the switch I bought at the air conditioning supply house. The switch was pre-on at 120 ° and off at 80 °, it was one of those buttons, non-adjustable sensors. You have to try this, it only takes a few hours and very little money.

Hurricane Erma Floridan story

Hurricane Erma became a concern for us about 10 days in advance as computer models had a path that directly struck us with wind 5. We are located on the east coast of Florida, a few miles south of the Kennedy Space Center. It matched quite well among the models, which gives us more credibility. Hurricane Harvey, which hit Texas a week earlier, caused fuel shortages. My neighbors and I were discussing options, none of which were appealing. By the time Erma was four days out, her computer models hadn't changed. This is good at times, because the odds of computer models not changing in ten days are very unusual and it only made sense to either stay off the Atlantic coast or turn west to the Gulf. The news reported heavy traffic jams in the interstate evacuation of people in South Florida, and the idea of ​​being part of that mess is really not welcome. There is a website that interactively shows how traffic is flowing and I could see where all the evacuation crowds are. The thought of getting into that traffic and running out of gas in some places was not attractive at all. My wife and I have 3 cats and they don't like to travel. We also have a mother of my wife who lives right next to the street to take care of her cat as well.

We have been through many hurricanes before and when it looks bad we have storm panels that need to be installed to protect windows and doors. We also have a special storm screen that we use to protect garage doors and pools. The pool deck is protected by a protective screen and protects three sliding glass doors. The screen armor attaches to removable eyes, which are bolted into the pool deck by screws into the heavy screws. Over time, the screw holes fill up with dirt, so when Erma was still four days out, I was happy to find a water bottle with a nozzle that sends a jet strong enough to flush out the dirt so you can roll your eyes deep. The armor screen is customized to set up and conceive which is a halfway screen setup job. The armor screen attaches to the eyes with a nylon strap very similar to the seat belt and once I set this up I imagined a tornado blowing the whole house down to the panel and convinced that a piece of roof attached to the armor armor would remain tied to the pool deck. Once the armor screen is in place, you can sit on the pool deck and enjoy the storm.

When Erma was out for three days, computer models shifted their way up the embankment at the very top of the peninsula and came straight through the middle of Orlando. This was good news as hurricanes begin to lose power as soon as they move over land, and when it reaches Orlando it would probably be Cat 2 or weaker and will not be able to generate a storm surge that will affect the East Coast. This removed any thought of evacuation.

One of the things I bought after the 2004 storm that hit us, Charlie, Jean and Francis, was the generator. I did a good job on a 7KW generator that had a 220 socket. The 220 socket allows you to use a return cable to power the entire house. When you get the whole house back in the first place, first unplug the power so that you do not return the entire neighborhood. This would certainly damage your generator. To do this safely, turn off all circuit breakers, connect the generator, turn on the generator, and then watch the circuits one by one, being careful not to run the air conditioner circuit, which would overload my 7 kW generator.

My generator had been sitting in my shed for about 12 years, and I had never started it, or inserted gas. One storm in the past has come close enough to put oil in years ago, but never fuel. When we lose power during a storm, it only wears out for a few hours. A few previous storms when we evacuated, I could easily monitor things in the house by simply pinging my web servers. If I go back to the ping, the power was on. Any storm that threatens to come here, I take the precaution of filling gasoline cans just in case I need to start the generator. After the storm, I normally empty the buckets into the cars. Another good thing to have after a storm is propane for a gas grill. Our gas grill has a side oven for cooking only if the power goes out. I had an empty propane tank I wanted to refill.

During Hurricane Mathew, they shut off the water to the barrier islands and I warned everyone that this could happen again, so I had a 5 gallon spare that I never used for gas and I filled it with tap water just in case. That turned out to be a very good decision.

The storm was forecast to arrive very late Sunday and early Monday. By Saturday, stores were boarding but were still open. I last arrived at the store on Saturday with the intention of stopping at a hardware store to fill up a propane tank. When I walked past the hardware store there was no way I could get into their parking lot as it was completely full and cars were in the parking lot waiting for someone to pull out so they could park. Erm's computer models moved further west, so Tampa directly hit the bay.

When the neighborhood ever storms, we only share these cheap Walkie Talkies for Family Radio System just in case the phones go down and this storm is no exception.

Later on Saturday I called the equipment store to see if they had any propane and they had just received a shipment and could they fill my tank. When I arrived there was a line of people waiting for the propane tanks to fill up, and I didn't have to wait too long.

The NOAA website has a nice real-time radar site, and by Saturday night you could see a storm approaching south Florida. When a hurricane approaches, it usually sucks in every bad weather. Usually the day before the storm and the day after the storm is nice, but this was not the case with Erm. Sunday morning I went for a walk around town just to see what was still open and what was happening. I only found a couple of gas stations and one 711, which was extremely busy. Later on Sunday afternoon my mother-in-law came with her cat. The wife and her mother love to play scrable and Yahtzee and that evening they were fully engaged with candles. Late Sunday night the wind was rising.

I was watching my meteorological station, which I had put on the roof just days earlier, awaiting Ermina's arrival. It is one thing to hear the wind blowing very hard, and the other is to have an instrument that says that it actually blows very hard. When the wind got stronger, I retreated to my man's cave where I had my own ham radio station where I could talk to other ham in the area. I hung up the external antenna and laid it on the ground before the storm so I could simply pull it back afterwards. That plan worked great during Hurricane Mathew the year before. There were vertebrae at four evacuation shelters, and there were several others in the air. On Sunday, around 9pm, the power flashed several times and then disappeared completely. I worked with my neighbors holding on to the FRS and checking that we were all without power.

One of the things we keep around the house is small LED lights, so when the power went out, there were lights everywhere. My wife lit candles before the power went out, so the big impact of the power loss was the air conditioning. Back in my radio room, the radio was powered by several batteries, so all my DC radios could work, and the screens lit up so it wasn't completely dark. I had a vintage AM transistor radio and was listening to a local station when I was thinking how to use my mobile phone to receive a NOAA radar website. I was able to connect to the NOAA website using my cell phone and what showed me was that the storm was moving further inland than predicted and that a very strong arm of the storm, maybe 500 miles long, was coming right through our area. For the next few hours, I watched all 500 miles of that rotating belt pound our area. During the storm, I walked into the garage and opened the side door to look into the side yard to get a closer look at the weather. I wanted to walk outside the house and see if we had any visible damage. Inside the house was nice and cramped, dark and warm. During a hurricane, the wind is cold, and you can break the door or window behind the protective panels and get a nice cool breeze through the house, but Erma only brought hot humid air. Around 1am I went out to the garage and inspected the garage door. While the garage door was protected by an armor screen, I could see the door sliding in and out of the pressure pocket the door frame collected behind the screen of the armor. Around 2am the long medium feeder was moving away and a relatively quiet area was now passing. The center of rotation was now in the middle of Lakeland Florida, far farther inland than any model predicted. I took this opportunity to walk outside the house. The wind was still raging and the rain was light but it really hit my face because of the wind. All night long we heard the screen door in the whistle pool hit the wind and I went there earlier to check that they were actually locked. All the heavy furniture was moved in the armor pane, but we let go of swimming pools that had no mass to speak of in the pool. The screen door had a latch two-thirds of the way toward the door, so the toddlers couldn't just let themselves out, so there were two-thirds of the door that could bend and bend in the wind. The wind gathered all the pools by the pool right there at the banging door, with some swimming pools nailed to the door, and one actually managed to escape. I retrieved the fugitive and left the garage on my return. I was happy to see no damage to the house. Later my wife asked me why there was a swimming pool in the garage.

I came to bed after the inspection visit and it was hot and I didn't really sleep. Around 7am I got up, got dressed, and went out for a walk in the neighborhood. The wind was still blowing at about 25 to 30 mph. I walked home to my mother-in-law and walked all around and surprisingly there was no physical damage except the display panel on her screen in the porch. I have met some other neighbors who are doing the same. While the homes were doing well, there was a lot of damage to the trees.

Before breakfast on Monday morning I went for a short drive and found that most traffic signals were down. Most of us know that when you approach an intersection with light, you treat it as a four-way stop. Obviously this information failed to reach everyone. Many treated the outside light as not light and they blow through the intersection as if the light was green. This prompted me to stop research. When I got home, my wife was getting ready to cook breakfast on the side gas burner, so I took off some of my armor and moved the grill outside. Around this time we discovered that there was no water pressure. My wife expressed concern that the cellphone was very charged. I had already prepared an inverter connected to a spare car battery and she thought it was especially good to plan that power source.

By 9:00, 12 hours were gone, and if we wanted to store food in the fridge, now it was time to produce a generator. After never using this generator, I took it out of the shed, poured some test gas into it, and lit it straight up. I quickly grabbed one really long extension cord and inserted it into the kitchen and connected the fridge. I was consoled when I saw the light when the door opened.
The rest of Monday we just relaxed and listened to updates on transistor radio. Before going to bed, we pulled the extension cord into the bedroom for the fan and left the generator, with fuel, in the dark, with a lamp.

The next morning my wife woke me up at about 8 and informed me that the fan had stopped, which meant that the generator was running out of fuel. I filled the generator with the last gas from two 5 gallon buckets. I put empty gas cans in the car and went out to see if I could find an open gas station. I found an open gas station and it was very busy and they were waiting for people. They would only take cash and my $ 50 bill approved me a place fine. That experience irritated me a lot. He spent the rest of Tuesday picking up oak and palm tree branches and removing storm protection.

On Wednesday, we continued to collect and stack branches and limbs along the road. By now, many of the evacuees were coming back to find no electricity or water, and we talked over the radio about what we knew about the progress in restoring electricity and water. One of the things that made this storm unique was that all the leaves on all the trees turned red on all the leaves facing south. By midnight, my neighbor informed me that the water had returned, and a few hours later the electricity was also restored and the difficulty was closed when the air conditioner restored the comfortable conditions in the house.

It was four days later when everyone had restored their water and electricity. Hurricane Erma brought winds of hurricane strength from coast to coast. The lesson learned is that things go a lot easier if you prepare properly. We had candles and flashlights on standby. I had a backup power source for my communications radios and for charging my cell phones. The generator worked as it should. I had fresh water ready and cash in hand. I also have a 100 watt solar panel that I didn't need and I hope it never will, but there is. If I learned anything, those chemical lights, Cylumes, don't hold up. I had a bunch of ballpoint pens in storage and everything went wrong. One thing I have learned to appreciate is the help I have had from my neighbors. We all worked together to solve each other's problems, and it was nice to know that they were all there for us. Nothing can have great neighbors!

J35 Beechcraft Bonanza – Aircraft perfect for beginners

Would you believe that only one in 100 people in the United States actually has a pilot's license? And a small percentage of those people who have a pilot's license actually own their own aircraft. For many, owning an aircraft symbolizes freedom. If you are reading this, you have decided that it is time to make that dream of freedom come true.

The mistake that most pilots make is not correctly budgeting. Before throwing caution to the wind and simply following it, remember that the purchase price is only one piece of the equation. You will need to figure out how much money you can spend each year on a plane.

You will need to do a little research and figure out how much a hangar will cost at your local airport. How much fuel will you put behind you? Also, what is the selling price for things like oil changes and annual plants. If you are planning to purchase a used aircraft, you will need to get a mechanical check to make sure everything is in good working order.

Also, get ready to add extra costs for random repair bills. Especially if you plan on getting a used plane. If you plan to keep your plane for an extended period of time, you will also need to save some money to repair the engine.

A jet or a propeller?
Question of age, speed versus cost. Planes are far faster, but much more expensive to maintain and run. The J35 is a propeller-type aircraft, and sacrificing speed for convenience is something you have to decide for yourself.

Due to age, it can be considered a classic, and it has a lot of appeal because of the look and style of the aircraft. This can be great for participating in an aerial show as they look for classics or antiques to throw in the air. The low-wing style is not only for appearance, but also for better visibility and great viewing opportunities.

The Bonanza series is known for its durability. This means that if you decide to buy a used J35, your operating and maintenance costs are far less than other aircraft. This is a huge selling point when you think about your new aircraft!

With other used planes, you will need to spend more money on unplanned repair bills and parts, as they are more likely to break down over time. The great thing about using a Bonanza is that parts are always easily accessible, regardless of the age of the aircraft.

Reliability, smooth handling and cheap operating costs make the J35 Bonanza an excellent aircraft for the beginner pilot.

Luxury real estate in Costa Blanca

Okay, so we may be in a recession, but there are some of you who have money to burn and want to buy property on the Costa Blanca, so how about we take a look at some of the most luxurious buildings in the area? From traditional villas to modern, buildings that would not look uncommon in Hollywood Hills, there are a huge array of beautiful properties that can satisfy any taste. Furthermore, even usually exorbitant house prices are available for slightly less than they would have been in the days before the recession. Of course, most of these luxury properties are not cheap – most cost over one million euros – but if you can afford it, you may be able to buy a beautiful property in Costa Blanca.

Well check out a few properties; first we have a Vista Bella apartment building in Calpe. These luxury apartments are brand new and modern, measuring 188 square meters, so even though they are in a flat block, you will have more than enough space, especially with the choice of one or two bedroom real estate, along with all the amenities you would expect. On the other hand, there are some drawbacks; how beautiful Vista Bella really is is part of the apartment block, so it will inevitably hear the noise of neighbors, and most people who want to buy a property in Costa Blanca will never dream of finding such a place in the tower, However, it is important to remember that every apartment has terrace, with a beautiful view of the beach directly outside and, of course, the beautiful Mediterranean. Still, with over one million euros per property, it is debatable whether people will be willing to spend that much money on an apartment.

So if a flat block is not your cup of tea, why not go to the La Roca Villa in Benidorm? Sure, with more than two million euros, it is a very expensive property, but it comes with four bedrooms and a bathroom, on a thousand-meter lot, complete with a swimming pool. It has all the luxury features you would expect, along with a terrace from which you can view Benidorm from a high vantage point. The property is large and spacious, with an Italian design kitchen, great for spending the evening cooking, before relaxing on the patio watching the sunset. Most interesting, though, is the home automation system; this allows you to remotely control the floor heating, air conditioning and even the curtains, so that during the winter breaks during the summer heat you can warm, cool, and even draw curtains without the need for lifting – the height of luxury. If you want to buy a property in Costa Blanca and have a huge budget, Villa la Roca could be your dream property. Sure, it may be in one of the busiest settlements in the region, but if you are happy to live in a busy area; it might be perfect for you.

So when you are looking for a property in Costa Blanca and if your budget can stretch to such heights, you will be able to look for an almost incredible luxury property. It's also worth remembering that such expensive buildings are less likely to be in high demand than cheaper options, so if you find your perfect spot, you'll probably be able to hop it.

Why retire in the Philippines?

If you are reading this article, I assume you have already recognized that in the last 10 years, there has been a tremendous amount of difficulty in creating a retirement life in your country. The problem has only gotten bigger in the past two years, because we are all witnessing the collapse of the world economy. As retirement assets are badly affected or completely gone, people are looking for a place where they can get the retirement they have dreamed of all their lives. More and more people are looking at Southeast Asian countries in response to their needs.

There are many reasons to focus on Southeast Asia, the main ones being:

1. Calm down twice as rich and five times happier
2. Escape from those cold American, Korean, Japanese and European winters – what about winters like Hawaii or Florida?
3. The escapes of rat America and the UK have become – what do you say about a slow-moving place?
4. Have 2 maids and a driver
5. If your retirement income is not enough to secure your retirement with the dignity and financial freedom to have fun, what would it be like to wake up every morning and go to bed every night without the frustration and anxiety about money?
6. Live healthier with less stress
7. Live with a beautiful and exotic lady – how is it with a beautiful Asian who fills you in, not competes with you?
8. Start Your Own Business – After working for someone else your entire life, it would not be fun to start your own business in a beautiful tropical paradise, at a fraction of the cost of starting a business in the US.
9. Travel and make life a great adventure – place, place, location!
10. Design Yourself – It's never too late to start afresh in your life game and really start having fun for a change.

Any ONE of the above is reason enough to consider retirement in the Philippines.

So, assuming you have one or more of the above reasons, why the Philippines?

1. English – This is at the top of the list, especially for Americans and Europeans. Also, if there is another language taught by Koreans and Japanese, it is English. Filipinos are fluent in English and English signs are prevalent everywhere you go in the Philippines. You will feel very at home when you speak English.
2. Korean and Japanese – With the large increase in the number of visitors from Korea and Japan in recent years, more and more Filipinos are also fluent in these languages.
3. Food – The Philippines is heavily influenced by Western culture, and you will find American and European food everywhere. Furthermore, local Filipino food is well received by foreigners. He uses a lot of seafood, chicken and vegetables and is extremely cheap.
4. Transportation – The Philippines is an island nation with over 1700 islands, but transportation to all major population centers is accessible by cheap and quality air travel. Air tickets are quite cheap compared to the western world.
5. Cost of living – As a general "big rule", in the Philippines, you can withdraw from one quarter to one fifth of what would cost you the same retirement lifestyle in your country.
6. People – Out of innate civility and restraint, Filipinos are very tolerant of foreigners. In a dispute situation, they will go their own way to avoid any direct confrontation. Of all the cultures I experienced, the Philippines was the most exclusive and open-ended.
7. Communications – The Philippines is "the world's capital for messaging!" Mobile phones are used by almost every Filipino, and mobile support systems are in place in all but the remotest parts of the country. Internet cafes are widespread and DSL service is easily accessible.

Arriving in France with your golf clubs

These days, more and more people are taking golf out on the continent. In particular, France. Getting there with your clubs can, however, be problematic if you are not well versed.


The easiest and probably most practical way to get your golf clubs to France is in the trunk of your car. From Dover comes a number of companies that offer cheap ferry crossings for you and your car. Most ferry companies take you to Calais, but there are also routes to Boulogne.

Generally speaking, the earlier you book your crossing, the cheaper it will be. If you are currently considering a move, it is very easy to get to the ferry port and arrange a crossing there (usually within a few hours of arriving at Dover),

Ferry rides are definitely the cheapest, easiest and most convenient for people in the south of England traveling to the northern parts of France.


There are two options for taking yourself and your golf clubs by train to France. Eurostar and Euro tunnel. The Euro Tunnel shares the same benefits as a ferry that allows you to carry your gold benches to the back of your car. The transition is also much faster. Take 35 minutes to leave for France. You will pay a premium for that extra speed. Expect to pay twice as much for Eurotunnel than you would for a ferry.

Eurostar is ideal for golfers without their own car or who have lost their driving license (including drunk driving) for any reason. No luggage restrictions, only recommended luggage. It also states on its website that it "will assist tour groups of any size, including …. sports groups (golf, shooting parties, etc.) (with their luggage)"


Despite all the problems associated with air travel, flying can be the fastest and easiest way to get out to French golf courses, especially for those who live in the north.

Most airlines charge an excessive amount of luggage for travel with golf clubs, so you might want to add up the cost and see if it's worth paying for or just renting a set while you're away.

One way to keep costs down is to pack all your clothes in your golf bag and your luggage. Because of this, you can only apply with one bag, which, if light enough, can save you excess fees.

I would definitely recommend investing in some quality luggage for your clubs. It is a well known fact that baggage handlers love nothing more than to run passenger luggage on their engines. Make sure you also get a L-shaped driver fee after joining the course and unpacking the clubs.