Definitive t-shirt history

Today, the modern T-shirt has given birth to a huge textile and fashion industry worth over $ 2 billion in retail in the world. The unlikely birth of a T-shirt was a rather unusual event, however, that modest piece of clothing is meant to change the styles and fashions of cultures for generations to come. […]

Do you have fleas?

He is the author of "Keep Fleas Off" Still using all the chemicals you can find to fight fleas? Did you do anything beyond trying to shoot a flea from a dog? You are not alone, it is estimated that there are more than 50 million pets, and yes, most are not only fighting these […]

Sightseeing in Havana – An Insider's Guide

If it's your first vacation in Havana, head straight for the magnificently restored Old Havana (La Habana Vieja). Now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, much of the area has been lovingly restored to its former grandeur. It's a colonial wonder, a mess of colors and packed with atmosphere, its an oddly fascinating mix of architectural […]

Cross Sound Ferry

The gray and charcoal layers, covering the morning sky and the thick, dark green cover of conifer in southeastern Connecticut, were producing showers of rain and thunder. The fruits of the condensate embrace the earth, like the smoke tendrils created by the multitude of fireplaces, spiraling upwards. New London, located on the River Thames and […]

A chill in American real estate

You know things are starting to get hectic there, even if a multi-million penthouse in Manhattan can't be sold. It seems that a developer at SoHo, who just recently completed primary construction for his high-rise condominium tower, has realized that the focal point of the project – a $ 45 million, 8,400-square-foot penthouse – is […]

Extend results – wipe out your masculine problems!

Extense's results only give positive results to its consumers, as can be seen through evidence and testimony from around the world. Interestingly, minimal success occurs in the first four weeks, with results improving until week 8 of use. This means that the results of using Extenze get better and better the longer you use it. […]