Forex trading news strategy

Forex trading Trade Forex news – this strategy of trade in the forex market, based on economic news. As well as any shares of the company hit when face financial news about the company's financial performance, and the same currencies. Currency country – is that the shares of the company. Any news on the economic […]

The reasons why the price is so unstable Bitcoin

price deviations in the spot price of Bitcoin on the stock exchanges due to many reasons. Volatility in the classical market is estimated by the index volatility, which is also called the index of volatility CBOE (VIX). Volatility in Bitcoin is not yet a fully accepted index as cryptocurrency as a real asset class is […]

How to integrate economic calendar in their trade

After learning about the Forex daily statistics, you will be able to better manage their risk as a trader and understand how to relate different currencies. You can also learn how different forex pairs move in different time frames. economic calendar As a trader, you should be aware of the major economic announcements. If you […]

forex trading strategies based on an inverted pyramid

As a trader, you must develop a Forex trading strategy that will allow you to quickly identify flaws and make adjustments while continuing to trade. The classical approach, which is used to assess the risks in currency trading system – is an inverted pyramid. All macroeconomic factors affecting the selected currency pair, with & # […]

As you analyze Forex news?

News in Forex can be the following: economic performance, decisions of monetary policy, financial leaders comments, elections, intervention, referendums, war, etc. … all this can lead to an effect which will result in a strong or a weak dollar. Economic indicators measure the strength or weakness of the economy. By news release actual figures will […]

2018 – This year cryptocurrency Masternodes

Digital currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, with & # 39 are in the news every day. Properties that make these cryptocurrency unique, with & # 39 is their ability to act as a value store and a lightning rate, or at least the introduction of lightning network for the Bitcoin, and Ethereum & # 39; […]